Discover SoulCollage™


I fell in love with the wonders of SoulCollage™ when I first discovered the work of Seena Frost back in 2009. A lover of images and a strong connection to and student of the philosophy of Carl Jung and archetypes, this felt like the inner work tool I’d been searching for.


What Is The Process of “SoulCollage™?”

In short, these are the requirements for calling a process SoulCollage™:

  1. The use of visual images intuitively chosen by a person to give form to the many diverse energies manifesting in their particular life.
  2. To creatively embody these energies, gifting each one with its own special card.
  3. To have its creator imaginatively step into one image and speak in its energetic voice to identify it and answer questions.

The website,, has much information about its beginnings, how one makes a SoulCollage™ card or deck, and the fascinating psychology of healing that accompanies this technique. But in a nutshell:

  • We become quiet, settling down, and ready to receive. We stay open-minded.
  • We sort through hundreds of pre-cut images from magazines, books, catalogues, or our own photography and pull the image(s) that immediately speaks to us; we let our inner wisdom guide us. We don’t analyze why we are attracted to a certain image — or repelled by it. We set it aside, and gather more images which speak to us somehow.
  • When we feel complete, or ready, we then paste/glue the images onto pre-cut cards (which I provide) in whatever fashion it seems the images want to be displayed.  We don’t judge.

The major moment comes when, cards in hand, we sit face to face with another person, and “read” the card, starting each sentence with the phrase, “I am one who…” Bypassing our intellect, we allow the image(s) to tell us a story, by speaking in a third person voice. It is quite amazing what our chosen images tell us about ourselves, our fears, our strengths, our growth edges!

For example, try this one:


Look at this image for a minute or two.  Feel into it.  The, taking pen and paper to record your impressions, begin to communicate the image’s meaning to you, starting with, “I am the one who…”  You might speak that from the perspective of the young girl or the owl.

For example, if I were doing this exercise, I might say from my perspective and my deep self, “I am One who loves animals; I am one who is pure and unspoiled. I am One who is ready to grow up, and Owl is here to guide me.”

Someone else could easily say, as a result of looking at this image, “I am one who is sad. I am one who has the Owl as my only friend.  I am one who is still young, and needs to grow up, but I’m afraid.”

You get the idea.  The idea is that every soul will see and interpret the same image differently — because the image speaks to our soul. It’s a very simple process which our busy left-brained selves love to complicate!  If we can let go, just a little, and surrender to the SoulCollage™ process, time flies by, our inner artist comes out to play and riches from deep within come to be heard and healed.

I utilize this technique quite frequently with clients, as it has the ability to quickly get to the root, unconscious Self.  Great wisdom, and powerful connections to the Divine live there. I also offer regular workshops for non-clients as well, frequently making the workshop on a specific topic; healing, faith, grief, motherhood, etc.  Each “big” topic invites us to create a card from that “still, small voice within.”

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