You Can’t Know What You Don’t Yet Know

I am growing old.  Yesterday I heard about the death of one of my beloved colleagues from my days in publishing. Of course, Michael’s passing provoked phone calls, Facebook posts and Tweets from lots of former colleagues. All day — Michael, Michael Michael. At a certain point, I began to remember key scenes from the …

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Animals, Nature and Spirituality

Animal Intuition Work:   I have done a lot of work with animals over the past 17 years. Guardians (much better than “owners” right?) set up sessions with me to help understand issues their companions are having, or to understand how to better communicate with them. I am able to “listen” to them, and help …

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Radical Surrender

For decades, surrender meant defeat to me. I was raised by a kick-butt mother who did not let ANYTHING stop her from doing what she had to do. I grew up  in New York City, where the culture of power, self-reliance and ambition, sometimes ruthless,  encouraged getting the job done, no matter what. When I …

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24/7 Spirituality

I’ve definitely been around the spirituality block a few times. Or, as they say out here in Montana, this ain’t my first rodeo. In one of my prior blogs, I wrote about all the many ways I went about trying to connect with what I now imagine/call “the Force” — ashrams, contemplative retreats, mantras, zazen …

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Growing Up and Spirituality

…in which we revel in the many ways to connect with the Divine.

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The Spirituality of Death and Dying

When my father died in 2000, he’d left a yellow legal size envelope with a bunch of papers inside. They were logical — his will, title for the house, info on the car lease, and the receipt for the burial plot he’d purchased in advance of his death. He told us kids about the existence …

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Soul Land

I was born in New York City, on Park Avenue in Lenox Hill hospital. They day I was to go home, there was a blizzard. My father was drinking at the Stork Club, and was not sober enough to battle the weather, so Ā the hospital nurse piled my mother and baby me into a yellow …

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