Animals, Nature and Spirituality

Animal Intuition Work:  

I have done a lot of work with animals over the past 17 years. Guardians (much better than “owners” right?) set up sessions with me to help understand issues their companions are having, or to understand how to better communicate with them. I am able to “listen” to them, and help the guardian fix issues that are happening. Many times the animal will tell me what’s going on in the household that is affecting him/her, so be ready to hear some things about YOU!

I’ve been profiled on Helena cable TV, in the Independent Journal, The Vigilante and have been a guest presenter at Heart of the Valley’s Woofstock event and the Lewis and Clark Humane Society’s annual speaker series. I also work regular with dog trainer extraordinaire, Nancy Tanner (Paws and People) in Bozeman.

If you would like to find out more about your four-footed companion(s), please visit and schedule an appointment. All I all need is a very recent photo of the animal that has a good shot of his/her eyes. You will come to my office in Bozeman, or we can do it on the phone.

Nature-Based Spirituality and Spiritual Practice:

It’s hard for me to put into words what I feel when I am outdoors. I am not a big hiker, biker, skier or snowboarder (God help me!) but I am a person who is wildly in love with Montana and her rivers, geysers, mountains, wild animals and her deeply grounding influence. The filed of ecopsychology has now been around for more than 20 years, and I have studied with many of its notable researchers and author. When I lived in Seattle, once a month I would hop a ferry and go over to Bainbridge Island to the most wonderful retreat for women called Sacred Groves. A bunch of us women did ritual, blessings, healing, grieving work on the 10 acres they owned there, and I will never forget my time there. Very grateful.

Here in Montana, I offer out of doors women’s circles, rituals, prayer and guided meditation time up the beautiful Horseshoe Hills in Manhattan, MT. You can see all three mountain ranges. It’s stunning. I am fortunate to live here, and have many acres and gullies and sacred, secret places where we can be together in complete silence and sacred space, I am so looking forward to inviting you up here!